Experts in extensive high value-added crops

Granos y Semillas del Sur is a 100% Spanish-owned company that engages in the growing, processing and marketing of a wide variety of grains with high biological value.

Our firm is a spin-off of the Spanish agro-industrial business Algosur, a company that specialises in extensive high value-added crops and whose activity is based on a sustainable production model. Granos y Semillas del Sur has succeeded in adapting crops to the agroclimatic characteristics of Andalusia, and is positioned as the most important European producer of quinoa to meet the growing demands for this food.

High industrial capacity in terms of both processing and storage

The cornerstones of Granos y Semillas del Sur are guaranteed traceability, ongoing investment and research into improving existing crops, the ability to adapt new crops to local conditions and a firm commitment to our region. In addition, Granos y Semillas del Sur has a product storage capacity of 45,000mt.

Granos y Semillas del Sur specialises in adding value to crops and in developing and introducing new crops into the Guadalquivir Valley, creating value for farmers and generating a positive impact on the geographical zone. Its Agricultural Department, formed by a technical team that specialises in integrated crop production, provides advice to farmers and monitors all the plantations.